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[coco8] Publishing to the market

It is the todo's page for publishing Coco8 app to the market.

See [coco8] ToDo list for publishing coco8 application

U8 tools, additions and enhancements

Programmatic Access to U8 toolsprotocoll to access (globally) to U8 tools (with creation of tabs if required). e.g. expression "U8Tool browser" return the browser tool; "U8Tool workspace", etc...
Must include "activation protocoll" (popup/open) and messages to push/focus GUI elements programatically.
Access to SwikiA tabBar item (part of U8 tools) accessing a webView pointing to U8 swiki, at index page of coco8 platform. Or at least a text with a link to the swiki, opening the browser at index page.
Configuration toolA tabBar item (part of U8 tools) with a simple text (with link pointing to swiki page about coco8 configuration) about configuration tool, and an "UnderConstruction" icon; defining the tool for interactive configuration/settings (the tool will be enhanced in future releases).