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[U8] Welcome Screen

Welcome screen

We want to define the contents to present to an user when it is the first time to open an S8 environment.

The welcome screen must:
  1. open the first time the user enter the platform
  2. render baby steps to make a medium-term plan to produce something useful in the platform

Screen contents

U8 image at top/center

two lines about U8, with link to u8.smalltalking.net
"Read more" link that:
--hide text & image (do NOT hide toggle)
--show full screen text on U8
toggle to skip welcome screen when opened next time
--can set cookie or sentinel file

What next?

The U8 tools for the platform must be present in a the most user friendy way.
If WI8 framework and UI8 tools are available in the system, the toolbar must be visible in a clean desktop.
If the is no support for Windows, but the system is running in a web page, the Compact Web mode tools can be opened in the page.
In case of native widgets support (e.g. coco8 platform), tabs for U8 tools can be opened by default.

NTH & feature requests