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[QuickView] Class filter

The Class filter is a text box and a button to update class list.
The text in the box can be part of a class name, to filter classes list matching the text (lowercase letters).

The text can also start with character ?
If it is only the ?, a simple help line is reported on class list.
If it is ??, the class list will contain expression to filter by current categories.

If the text starts with ? it is considered as "package a matching filter".
The format of Package matching filter is "FOLDER:CATEGORY" where
FOLDERMust be a path to package folder (or empty)
CATEGORYMust be a valid category to filter classes (and methods) by category/package.

The FOLDER variable can be:
Emptythe folder to store category/package code is contribution folder.
the folder is another contribution of the same user.
USER/FRAMEWORKstorage folder is a framework of the user.
USER/IDstorage folder is a contribution folder of another user.

Browse method "U8>>#classListContents"