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[coco8] U8FileBrowserController

Browse files & folders accessible to application.
The File Browser presents the children list of the current browsing folder (Default browsing folder is the application Documents folder).
The list shows the children grouped by Folders and Files.
Uploaded Image: FileBrowser1.png

The User can open a folder or a file, just tapping it.
If the user opens a sub folder, a new File Browser opened on it will appear.
Uploaded Image: BrowseFolder.png

If the User opens a file, a File Editor will appear, allowing to modify and save it.
Uploaded Image: OpenFile.png

The File Browser allows to create new files and folders just tapping the "+" button located at the top right corner.
Uploaded Image: plusButton.png

Uploaded Image: FileOrFolderDialog.png

It is also easy to rename and delete files or folders using standard iOS "swipe to edit" gesture:
Uploaded Image: EditElement.png Uploaded Image: Rename.png

Long-Press gesture is also available for renaming.

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