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[coco8] U8WorkspaceController

Workspace page in [coco8] U8WorkspaceNotesController.

The U8Workspace is a classic Smalltalk workspace implementation with support for doIt, evalIt, fileItIn and showIt.
As in most Smalltalk workspaces you can retrieve the evaluation result, the current code, load/save contents, etc.

This is an example of a common use of the Workspace:

Uploaded Image: expression.png Uploaded Image: ShowIt.png Uploaded Image: Results.png

Action menu options:

Show it actionShow the result of evaluating the selected text as smalltalk code
Do it actionEvaluate the selected text as smalltalk code
File it in actionPerform a fileIn on selected text
Eval it actionEvaluate the javascript code in selected text

[ToDo] Nice to have

  1. Gesture to showIt
  2. selectAll gesture (touch with three/five fingers?)
  3. Gesture (swipe?) to close
  4. shake to clear