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[coco8] Application delegate

The rules of application startup for iOS applications using xcode projects impose the use of Application delegate pattern.
It is required for an application made with coco8 platform to implement a S8 class with name [projectName]AppDelegate becasue it will be used at startup of the application in iOS to launch the application.

Uploaded Image: alert.gifIf the class do not exist or it is not in the correct place in hierarchy, the application fail to start and crash.
NoteIt is frequent and accepted strategy under iOS that in case of any error situation the system kill the application. This model of "secure execution" is imposed by limitations of the platform and technology. The exit of application under an unpredictable situation in the system is not under control of the system (nor it contents) and the Operating System can remove the system from memory at any time.
Again...We can do nothing to change the rules, we are running as an "application", and we mount our open system (smalltalk objects) under the constrains imposed by Apple's technology.
so..Implement the minimal architecture required by iOS to make it happy; and all the stuff requiring "true" objects in S8