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[coco8] U8InspectorViewController

A mobile version of a classic Smalltalk inspector (using an object/selector metaphor) that shows the details of an instance.

You can open it
    Uploaded Image: inspector1.png

    Uploaded Image: Inspector2.png

U8InspectorViewController openOn: anObject

Inspector look

    Uploaded Image: inspector3.png

    Uploaded Image: inspector4.png Uploaded Image: inspector5.png

Tapping a Field with a LongPress gesture, shows its contents in a Workspace
    Uploaded Image: inspector6.png

Action Menu

There is an Action Menu tapping the icon at top-right
    Uploaded Image: actionMenu.png Uploaded Image: actionMenu2.png

Action Menu Options

    Open a workspace with the inspectedObject as the evaluationContext

    Open a U8ClassBrowser on the class of the inspectedObject 

    Save the inspectedObject in a a Global (Prompt the user tu get the name of the global) 

    Uploaded Image: Global.png

    Open this page in the device default web browser 

[Todo] Nice to have