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[node8-android] Inspector

In construction...

node8-Android implementation of an object inspection tool.

You can open an inspector by sending the message #inspect to an object. For instance open a workspace and type MainActivity singleton inspect and then doIt from right menu (or type MainActivity singleton and then select inspectIt from right menu options):
Uploaded Image: node8-android-inspect.jpg

Then the inspector tool is opened on the inspected object:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-inspector.jpg

The inspector on the object is presented as a list of its parts. To inspect a part of the object tap on any of the rows.
For instance tap on application, another instance of U8 Inspector tool will be opened:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-inspect-object-part.jpg

Your can browse the class of the object being inspected using BrowseClass option from right menu, after selecting BrowseClass a System Browser tool will be opened:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-inspected-browse-class.jpg

To have the inspected instance as a global, you can use Save option from the right menu:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-saving-inspected.jpg

Now global App references the inspected AndroidApplication instance.
For instance use a workspace to check that (you can use Windows option from right menu -present in all U8 tools- to go directly to your previous workspace) and type App then showIt from workspace right menu options:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-inspected-in-global.jpg

App name references the inspected saved instance.

ToDo list and Nice to Have features