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[node8-android] Connections

In construction...

This tool lets you define connections -an IP address/port combination- where other S8 remote systems are listening on.
Each S8 remote system connection has an associated color that univocally identifies it:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-connections.jpg

You can add a connectionAnd modify a connection
Uploaded Image: node8-android-add-connection.jpgUploaded Image: node8-android-edit-connection.jpg

Once a connection is defined in U8 Connections tool, you can connect your U8 tools to other S8 remote systems.
For instance, let's take U8 Workspace List tool.
Uploaded Image: node8-android-not-connected-tool.jpg

¿What does it mean to connect a tool to a remote S8 system?
It means that all the actions that take place in the connected tool are taking place on the connected remote S8 system.
That is, for instance: if you connect a workspace your evaluations will occure on remote S8 system objects; if you connect a class browser you'll be browsing remote S8 system classes.

Tap on connect button, an S8 remote system connections popUp list will be opened:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-connecting-tool.jpg

After selecting an S8 remote system connection -e.g.:, the tool bar will change its color to the selected connection (orange in this case):
Uploaded Image: node8-android-connected-tool.jpg

This new connected U8 -Workspace List- tool will be stacked on top of the previous not connected Workspace List tool, therefore to pop the connected tool just tap on back and get back to the not connected one.

ToDo list and Nice to Have features