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[node8-android] Screen

In construction...

U8 Screen tool lets you capture the screen of a remote S8 system.
Open U8 Screen tool from navigator:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-Screen.jpg

Connect to a remote S8 system by selecting a connection -for instance
Uploaded Image: node8-android-Screen-connecting.jpg

Once your U8 Screen is connected to a remote S8 system, U8 Screen toolbar color should change to connection color:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-Screen-connected.jpg

Tap on capture option from right popUp menu, then remote S8 system screen will be shown in our local system -in our example an S8 system listening on
Uploaded Image: node8-android-Screen-captured.jpg

Options for refreshing rate and zooming for remote S8 system screen capture are available in tool right menu.

ToDo list and Nice to Have features