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[m8n] S8 on Lua

The m8n ("maiten"/moon) platform

We are runing S8 Smalltalk systems in Lua execution environments.
Status: release 1.0 (Jan 2019)
Incremental updates has been frequent during 2020.
Stable version 1.1 (Nov 2021) minor changes during 2021
Used and tested intensivelly on android (al8 platform)

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License terms? the same as all S8 contents, MIT licensed

Executing m8n platform

We have many alternatives to run m8n systems, basically we need a Lua VM to host a S8 snapshot file. We load the snapshot and the system is instantiated and start running as usual.
The snapshot can be built in console mode (same as we do for most S8 platforms) to be embedded in the hosting execution environment
A list of execution environments for m8n platform systems follows:
  1. [m8n] LuaStudio = S8 app development with Lua Studio
  2. [m8n] Love = S8 app development with Löve
  3. [m8n] LuaPower - running m8n on the LuaJIT distribution for Windows, Linux and OS X
  4. [m8n] pi - running m8n on a Raspberry Pi
    1. [m8n] piLove - running S8+Love on a Raspberry Pi
  5. [m8n] Turbo - implementing server apps
  6. .Net integration
  7. [m8n] workbench - how to run m8n embedded in a web page
  8. See also [al8] Index Page

ToDo list

If you want to collaborate on m8n platform, you can peek a topic and discuss or get guidance to implement it.
Suggested topics in our ToDo list

Other references