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[p4a8] Android

This platform is used to run S8 systems in android devices.
The S8 Smalltalk system will have dynamic access to Java objects and also to Python frameworks (for 3D Rendering, GUI and other API you add to host machinery).

Generating the Android Application

It is reccomened to build your android host in a Mac computer.
We built the launcher using Android development toolset in OSX.
The process requires some experience in building android apps; but if you have all the required tools/libraries installed it should be easy to build and run the Launcher in your device.

Steps to build the launcher, download to your device and run (in debug mode)

The "launcher" is our application host. It will include all we need to run S8 systems in the device.
The launcher is a native android application, so it MUST contain all the (native android) libraries your system will need to bind to during the execution of the app.

  1. Install and configure Kivy for android
  2. Create a folder to contain the files used during building the app
    E.g.: cd ~/Documents/py8-android
  3. Download and decompress the sources files in the folder
  4. connect your android device for debugging (you can use Android Studio logcat viewer to see debugger's LOG information)
  5. copy the sample applications in sdcard subfolder to root of your android device
  6. Build and install the app to debug when running in your android device executing in a console
    buildozer android debug deploy run

Running samples in your device

The launcher should present the list of applications under <SDCARD>/kivy of your device.
The kivy folder must have subfolders; each subfolder contain the code and files of sample application.
When you select an item in the applications list, the application will load from that folder and start running.
The apllication can be implemented completelly in S8 Smalltalk, in python or in a mix of both. The apps can bind to any Java object/library dynamically (on demmand) and also can import and use any python module.

Autoexec App

The launcher has been customized to handle autoexecutable S8 applications.
When the list of applications is read from "kivy" folder, if there is an application defined with autoexec=true line in file android.txt; the application will run automatically (the list will not be presented to the user).

The U8 toolset

Note that the u8 subfolder contains the current version of U8 toolset.
It includes desktop, workspace, browsers, references, and more; all implemented using S8 wrappers to Kivy API.
Uploaded Image: idea.gifNote that you must decompress and install the sdcard.zip file in your device to access a set to samples and U8 snapshot.
Download and decompress source files