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[coco8] Bug report page

Use this page to report bugs found runnning your coco8 applications.

Reported issues for coco8

  1. [JSC] Avoiding the JSC bug (Jan 25, 2017)

List of reported bugs & NTH features for coco8 platform

  1. Implement an "experimental" firewall dialog to ensure the user agree and understand that the evaluation (of aBlock) can make app crash (instantly or later in time)
  2. [NTH] Screen Snapshot API for SystemServer
  3. Prompt for userName if it is undefined at startup
  4. Add U8 Universe tool

Old information about bugs & issues

[JSC] Issue report (Jan 2017)

Issue reports (Nov/Dec 2016)

Uploaded Image: alert.gifThe JavascriptCore parser has issues parsing recursive calls
Ref.: test[s8] deep calls (see Executing a complex block)

Issue report (Jul 2016)

  1. [coco8] Issue report: Evaluating simple expression
  2. [coco8] Issue report: Reading Sample file
NoteBoth issues expose the same failure, collecting garbage by JSC

WebKit BUG Reports

  1. Bug 160027 - Crash in JSC::speculationFromCell

Reported Bugs index

GC & Memory related

General & misc

Crash captures

Old/obsolete pages

Description of current issues and how to reproduce
  1. [coco8] CRASH - evaluating simple expression
  2. [coco8] CRASH - reading files