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[UI8] UI8References

UI8References is a references visualization tool. It allows you to find out which Smalltalk elements are being referenced across the class hierarchy following a senders/implementors metaphor.

Uploaded Image: references.png

At any time you can see the messages used in the code pane and explore the hierarchy. It has support for doIt, evalIt, fileItIn, inspectIt and showIt using bottom toolbar (this toolbar is present in most UI8 tools, as example see Workspace). Also it is possible to edit code in-place using accept button.

Uploaded Image: references4.png

Typing a target message name and click in Uploaded Image: searchMessage.png button allows to explore senders and implementors of message target. In addition browsing references by clicking Uploaded Image: browseReferences.png button will open a new reference tool with the set of messages sconsisting of Local senders. On the other hand, spawning a new reference tool in the original context can be made by clicking Uploaded Image: newWindow.png button.

Uploaded Image: editMassiveComment.png

You can mark or change method comments doing a multiple selection method (shift + click) in result pane.
By clicking Uploaded Image: editComment.png button you will see an editing expression built in code pane (see below). Finally the accept button will change the comment of all methods included in the expression.

Uploaded Image: references5.png

Using the filter section you can refine a search over a resultset of sender & implementor messages.

Uploaded Image: references3.png

References tool has rich set of search types, most of them are auto explicative.

search:Searchs for a literal string. The result of this search can result in a message reference or a comment reference.
missingGlobalsIt does not requires an argument. The result of this search is the set of methods referencing a global name undefined in the actual image.
methodOverwritesIt does not requires an argument. The result of this search is the set of all methods redefined in the actual image.
variableOverwritesIt does not requires an argument. It detects argument names and local variable names colliding with instance variables.


UI8References inherits from [UI8] UI8SystemTool


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