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[U8] Frameworks

Framework Resources

We promote development of S8 Frameworks! S8 platform is the minimum set to run Smalltalk on javascript execution engines. The major benefit of using S8 is not constrained to it contents. The existence of mature frameworks is the key to avoid limitations on scaling to medium sized application development. We have an interesting set of tested frameworks available to let you start application development w/o scaling limitations imposed by medium/low level code. We also want to promote the sharing of tested frameworks with U8 users. We encourage U8 users to share and maintain frameworks for S8 development in all platforms.

U8 Frameworks are software artifacts

How to publish your S8 framework?

1) Build a file named framework.json with the following format:

  "author":"", //Author name
  "avatar":"", //image file name representing the framework located in actual folder. If you leave blank this atribute, it will shows the default avatar image for contributions
  "description":"", //framework description
  "publicationDate":"dd-mm-yyy", //publication date, not showed on framework list at the moment
  "state":"NONE", // Publication state. If this atribute value is PUBLISHED the framework will be listed on http://u8.smalltalking.net/browseframeworks.aspx. This attribute is controlled by U8 Team
  "title":"", // Framework name
  "url":"" // An url referencing a contribution, a blog or another page

a sample for a real json as following:

  "author":"Alejandro Reimondo",
  "description":"Native application framework to write iOS native applications",

2) Compress all the files (and folders) in a compressed zip file.
3) Send an email to [email protected] asking for acceptance and installation of the framework in your user folder.
The email must specify:
4) Wait until reception of acceptance email (with fixed URL assigned to the framework), or email of rejection notification.
5) Once framework is successfully published, you should add your framework to [U8] Frameworks Index

After you receive the email with framework's URL, you can start using/downloading/promoting your framework.

Why frameworks are important to us?

We have long experience build and using Smalltalk frameworks.
From long time we have been publishing Smalltalk frameworks (SUGAR Miniatures, Smalltalking Goodies, www.aleReimondo.com frameworks) and we are sharing more with U8.

Join us and publish your frameworks with U8!