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[U8] Platforms

A platform defines a modality of work (with U8) that is specially designed to be effective to produce systems runnning in an execution context.

The default platform is WebBrowser, it means you develop applications that run embedded in a web page, and work using the web based development tools.
An user can build a contribution to make it possible to work with U8 service to develop applications that do NOT run on the web. For example, you can work building server side applications, desktop applications, applications embedded in small devices, in games, on Android devices, on cellular phones, etc...

After publishing the contribution, the user can send an email to [email protected] to promote the contribution as a new U8 Platform.
Once the contribution is approved, it will appear to users as a new platform and that platform will be root of forks on it (it has been the case for WebBrowser up to now).

The tools for a platform can be hosted in the contribution (so, it will be replicated on each fork) or can be linked to another source origin. The contribution must have the minimal set of files to be replicated on each fork, an index page to be shown to the user for downloading/uploading files, and or files required to execute the platform tools in the web interface.

The process of updating a platform is the same process of updating a contribution, but with one more step of approval by Smalltalking.

Supported platforms

Link to details page
[web] Index PageIn-Page (webbrowser) development running headless -compact tools, image based- or GUI mode -DOM widgets, module based-
[console] Index Page(Text) Console mode for Windows 32bits/64bits,Mac OSX and Linux.
[node8-android] Index pagenode8 based platform, 100% S8 applications running on Android devices
[node8] Index PageNode.js based, server-side system
See also [node8] Node Frameworks and [U8] Implementing your server side apps in S8.
[coco8] Index pageIOS Native application development, 100% S8 applications for iPhone,iPad,iPod!
See also [coco8] Frameworks and applications
[s8sx] Index pageOSX Native application development, 100% S8 applications for OSX

Old and Obsolete platforms

Link to details page
[U8] MobileIn-Page (WebView) in A8 -compact mode, AndroidOnly-,
Cordova based (Cva8) for Android and iOS (read more...),or
Native for iOS (read more...).
*[cs8] Index Page*Transparent integration with .Net execution environment