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[web] Index Page

The WebBrowser platform define an online mode of development.
The work is image based.
The user develop in cycles using a web browser.
The image is loaded in a web page and the tools to browse and edit image contents are rendered in the page. Page elements for rendering of demonstrations and transcript view are also contained in page (as DIV elements that can change inner contents dynamically).
The user edit the image as usual in Smalltalk, and save the image uploading the contents to the U8 server.
The work in progress is stored in a folder as DRAFT. and is accessible to the user who owns the folder (or to any other person the owner send the private URL of the work).
Once the user reach a stable point of development he/she can publish the work. To produce a version of the work that will be exposed to all the U8 users globally.
A published work is a contribution (under terms of the service) and any user can fork the work to produce another contribution from that state.
Each fork produce a new folder, with a copy of the image and files in the project; and the user of the (forked) project can edit the contents of the folder.

This platform is used to share contents, code and expose use cases of [U8] Frameworks (for demonstration and learning on how to use a framework).