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The Console platform is a mode of development using console based tools.
It can be used to develop frameworks and applications for multiple platforms; using a file based schema (starting the system from source files) or image based (boot + image or full snapshot file).

The Console mode is the basic mode of operation and development of S8. There is no GUI; only source files loaded at runtime to produce a complete Smalltalk system.
It is used to do offline development (compilation and testing when possible) of frameworks that can run on multiple/other execution environments.

A set of tools/files compiled to run in console mode are published as the basis of the platform.
The user start a new (draft) work with a minimal set of files to fileIn/load.
The console is used to build applications and [U8] Frameworks; generating image/snapshot files and also loadable modules (e.g. ".st.js" or ".st.lua" files).

In case of using javascript as native language, a version of V8 VM extended to support minimal native S8 functions is required (s8vm) to boot your build system (load s8.image.js + your frameworks, etc).
When using Lua as native language, a standard(unmodified) Lua VM is required.

Development of Command Line tools

In addition to the uses described above, Console mode is suitable for development of useful command line applications & tools on Windows,OSX and more...
This simple tutorial illustrates that situation

References and more information

How to build the s8vm?

The following is not required if you do not need to extend your own version of s8vm, or do not need the console mode vm running in a new platform.