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[U8] Bug report page

Pending BUG list ([Fixed] BUGs list)

  1. Emmit error string in case of error during boot, if possible.
    Actually it show "Building GUI..." for ever; it would be nice if in case of error during booting the image load, it is shown the exception occurred in the #u8 HTML div.
    ...And a link to the actions to take to recover the image (e.g. write an email to...)
  2. The state of contribution must be considered by search, to enable selection by state (e.g. draft)
  3. NTH: info.json in contribution folder (with #platform and #createdBy)
  4. In system references window selecting 'missing globals' do nothing. it works well if you put a blank space and then click in binocular icon.
  5. System browser: Shift/Ctrl + Click does not work as expected. It jumps to a new page
  6. "I am here" and "hello" signal handled by U8 service