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[U8] Binding your U8 tools to a remote S8 system

When opening a workspace (or other U8 tool, like system browser) all actions are performed based on the local environment (the Smalltalk instance obtained evaluating "Smalltalk current").
That is: if you evaluate or file some chunk in, in a workspace/code pane, all the consequences or results (or side-effects, if any) will affect or impact, the local system/environment.

Letīs refer to the workspace opened in your local system, as local workspace.
Remote system/source refer to a remote S8 system/source (a Smalltalk instance running in another execution environment/platform; e.g. an s8 system running in your phone).

You can bind your local workspace to a remote S8 system (the remote system must provide a way to connect and process "System Server" commands).

When you bind your opened local workspace to other source, your local workspace is connected to a remote system source, other than your local environment.
In this scenario all the actions performed in your local workspace will be sent to the (remote) system environment for evaluation.

You can then think of this remotely bound local workspace, as a workspace in the other system.
Performing actions in this workspace will be the same as if actions were performed in a workspace opened in the remote system.

To bind your local workspace to other system, click on Uploaded Image: connect.png (connect icon) in the workspace toolbarUploaded Image: idea.gif

You can open your workspace in U8 social platform image, from the image toolbar.

After pressing Uploaded Image: connect.png (connect icon),

Uploaded Image: UI8Connection.png

Adding a new connection you will be asked for the remote source URL. See connection tool for more detalied info.

Uploaded Image: UI8Connection2.png

type it and press Uploaded Image: accept.png accept button.
Note: the remote S8 system is published as HTTP service accepting workspace actions on default port 8088. Also an URL template (http://192.168.1.NNN:8088) is presented to you. See connection tool for more detalied instructions un URL connections.

After that, locally open workspace border will change to a color determined by the remote S8 system:

Uploaded Image: remoteBoundWorkspace.png

Now, all the actions in that workspace will be sent to the remote S8 system for evaluation.

If you want more information about how connectivity between S8 systems is implemented, you can check the following example: Inspecting web-based local system connectivity to remote S8 System

You can file any S8 chunk in to be executed in remote S8 system, for instace, try the following:

Testing the tool

We are testing the tool and it is a good time to volunteer to repair reported bugs or suggest nice to have features.

Add your NTH features here