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[node8-android] Swiki Testing

Swiki Testing tool provides a means to do testing with SwikiCodeRobots.

To go to Swiki Testing Tool select the option in sliding menu.

Uploaded Image: swikiTesting.png

Tap on RUN, Transcript will appear emmitting SwikiCodeRobot testing output:

Uploaded Image: swikiTestingOutput.png


The text boxes contains the arguments to be passed to SwikiCodeRobot to select pages to evaluate.
The expression evaluated is SwikiCodeRobot @> #( text1 text2 text3 )
where text1 text2 and text3 are the texts filled in the boxes.

Uploaded Image: idea.gifNote that you can enter an empty text and the robot will process based on less arguments.
Example: if run with first and second box empty and the text #testS8IsObject in the last text box, the robot will process the page found at #testS8IsObject in the default swiki (s8-media).

ToDo list and Nice to Have features