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[U8] Suggestions

Obsolete/accepted suggestions

[NTH] New(extensible) platform options, shown under "Start Coding|+"

Show the (U8) logo icon as default icon of contributions.
Same image resource, shown reduced to icon size.

Crédits page http://u8.smalltalking.net/Credits
It would be nice that the Credits page is implemented as a contribution of user "Smalltalking"

Short term, goal oriented, contributions.
It would be nice to have a place (a page) in U8 with a list of community goals, to promote low cost advances in something wanted by users and/or for learning/fun.
Objetives can be collected by email @smalltalking.net list.

Make the list of drafts "visible".
It is ussefull to see the works in progress. If we add a toggle to set a draft to "visible", we can search for a work in progress.
Only a list of title/description is required.

Pressiong the (U8) icon/button can open a random contribution or a random contribution of the "reccomended" list.

Uploaded Image: idea.gifNotepad
A widget for notes embedded in the U8 tool.
It is frequent to forget a piece of code written in another contribution. And it is time consuming to find and load the origin.
If the user can save/load the code pane to/from server (in user folder) will be a powerfull feature.
A notepad with private and public notes can become a killer app.
Working on it
NoteCan be implemented with (existing) editor pointing to URL at userFolder/notes.txt (e.g. read by default by U8 Workspace tool if registered user)

Wishlist of potential contributions
A list of contributions that would be good to someone to implement. Each one of the potential contributions listed here would be voted (only by positive vote) to represent the need of a contribution to solve that issue. Many contributions can "take the token" and implement something that deals with this issue.

Please move the buttons of "Me gusta", tweets,..."Share" BELOW "Load image"... buttons; because when I try to click the button, it is frequent that moving the cursor over elements popup windows cover the button making selection dificult and distracting :-(
Working on it

"U8 doIt!" page a page with a table of requests/announces... can be implemented by (users) sending form by email specifying:

U8 mailTo: filling a form (in a page), an user can instruct the service to send a note (by email) o another user or all users.
The mailTo: couta can be regulated by number of contributions published by the user.

Contribution Comments: