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[UI8] UI8QuickList

Uploaded Image: UI8QuickList1.png

QuickList is a Workspace with shortcuts for expresions, applications & examples.

Uploaded Image: UI8QuickList2.png

Uploaded Image: workspaceList.pngWorkspace list action.Enable workspace list mode, showing common epressions.
Uploaded Image: appList.pngApplication list action.Enable application list mode.
Uploaded Image: exampleList.pngExample list action.Enable example list mode.

Workspace list shows several commmon expressions ready for code pane evaluations. While application list & example list will show iconified representations of actions to evaluate in current system. This can be very usefull in context of remote U8 tools.

Uploaded Image: exampleListWindow.png

Every S8 System can publish common expresions and applications by redefining its Smalltalk>>#appList and Smalltalk>>#workspaceList messages. Example list is published defining #example method in a particular class. UI8QuickList will collect all classes and their actions presented in this way.


UI8QuickList inherits from [UI8] UI8Workspace



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