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[UI8] UI8Workspace

Uploaded Image: workspace2.png

The UI8Workspace is a classic Smalltalk workspace implementation with support for doIt, evalIt, fileItIn, inspectIt and showIt.
As in most Smalltalk workspaces you can retrieve the evaluation result, the current code, load/save contents, etc.

Uploaded Image: showIt.pngShow it action.Show the result of evaluating the selected text as smalltalk code.
Uploaded Image: doIt.pngDo it action.Evaluate the selected text as smalltalk code.
Uploaded Image: steps.pngSteps action.Open a step by step executor on the selected expression
Uploaded Image: inspectIt.pngInspect it action.Open an inspector on the result of evaluating the selected text. See [UI8] UI8Inspector
Uploaded Image: fileItIn.pngFile it in action.Perform a fileIn on selected text.
Uploaded Image: evalit.pngEval it action.Evaluate the javascript code in selected text.
Uploaded Image: chunkBrowser.pngBrowse chunks action. Compare, explore or fileIn for selected chunks of code. See [UI8] UI8ChunkBrowser.
Uploaded Image: qr.pngQr action. Shows a QrCode of selected text in code pane.
Uploaded Image: quickList.pngQuick list action. Open a QuickList tool
Uploaded Image: browse.pngBrowse action.Opens a new CHB.
Uploaded Image: connect2.pngConnect action.Let the workspace be binded to a remote source.
See also [S8] Binding to a remote S8 system.
Uploaded Image: browseReferences.pngBrowse references actionOpens a new references tool. See [UI8] UI8References
Uploaded Image: screen.pngScreen actionOpens a new screen tool. See [UI8] UI8Screen
Uploaded Image: snapshot.pngSnapshot actionOpens a new snapshot tool. See [UI8] UI8Snapshot
Uploaded Image: resetConnection.pngReset connection action.Clears cached remote classes in remote System Browser instances.
Uploaded Image: transfer.pngTransfer action.Transfer local compiled chunks to a connected remote system.

Droping files

Uploaded Image: dropFiles.png

UI8Workspace can acepts droped files from your favorite OS desktop. You can drop .txt, .cls or .st files onto workspace for an easy acces to source code. Every sublcass of UI8Application have a default behavior for droping files, opening an UI8Workspace with selected file contents ready for use.

Editing files with UI8Workspace

If you need edit files it is posible open UI8Workspace in 'editor' modality. You can do this evaluating the following expression:
UI8Workspace openFile:'LibrariesLoaded.st'.
In this case 'LibrariesLoaded.st' is a file relative to any WI8+UI8 contribution based.

Uploaded Image: workspace3.png

Two additional actions:
Uploaded Image: load.pngLoad action.Reload the recently opened file.
Uploaded Image: save.pngSave action.If you are actualy logedon in U8 site you will be able to save the edited file. Otherwise a message will be displayed.

Using Qr code

By clicking Uploaded Image: qr.png button in toolbar will show the actual content (or selected text) of code pane content in Qr image. It can be used for read or interchange data between S8 images. It is posible also trigger actions to other devices runnig an S8 image.

Uploaded Image: workspaceQr.png

See also how to transfer code to your phone.


UI8Workspace inherits from [UI8] UI8ToolApplication and is the base class for:


UI8Workspace can handle the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):



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