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[UI8] UI8Browser

Uploaded Image: browser.png

UI8Browser is a class hierarchy browser (CHB).
It supports hierarchy, category, flat list class browsing modes, multiple selection -of classes and messages- and filtering category methods.
As in other browsers it implements (in the bottom toolbar) a functionality to allow you to accept changes to the system from the browser.

Uploaded Image: showIt.pngShow it action.Show the result of evaluating the selected text as smalltalk code.
Uploaded Image: doIt.pngDo it action.Evaluate the selected text as smalltalk code.
Uploaded Image: inspectIt.pngInspect it action.Open an inspector on the result of evaluating the selected text. See [UI8] UI8Inspector
Uploaded Image: fileItIn.pngFile it in action.Perform a fileIn on selected text.
Uploaded Image: evalIt.pngEval it action.Evaluate the javascript code in selected text.
Uploaded Image: browseChunks.pngBrowse chunks action. Compare, explore or fileIn for selected chunks of code. See [UI8] UI8ChunkBrowser.
Uploaded Image: qr.pngQr action. Show a QrCode of code pane contents.See [UI8] UI8Workspace (showQr)
Uploaded Image: quickList.pngQuick list action
Uploaded Image: browse.pngBrowse action.Open a new CHB.
Uploaded Image: browseReferences.pngBrowse references actionOpen a new references tool. See [UI8] UI8References
Uploaded Image: screen.pngScreen action Open a new screen tool. See [UI8] UI8Screen
Uploaded Image: snapshot.pngSnapshot action Captures a new system snapshot. See [UI8] UI8Snapshot
Uploaded Image: connect2.pngConnect action.Binds your browser to a remote S8 system.
Uploaded Image: resetConnection.pngReset connection action.Clear cached remote classes in remote System Browser instances.
Uploaded Image: transfer.pngTransfer action.Transfer local compiled chunks to a connected remote system.

It is a multiple selection browser. It can be selected/edited multiple methods at the same time in the code pane, and also browse methods for multiple classes and hierarchy depth.

The code pane show expressions using chunk format, and all the expressions are evaluated when "accept" Uploaded Image: accept.png button is pressed.

Message toolbar

Uploaded Image: newMessage.pngShow a new template message definition in code area.
Uploaded Image: deleteMessages.pngDelete the selected method.
Uploaded Image: findMessages.pngOpen a system references tool.
Uploaded Image: messageReferences.pngOpen a system references tool with selected method.
Uploaded Image: expertMode.png Uploaded Image: simpleMode.pngActivate expert or simple mode for System browser (see Simple vs Expert mode).

Class toolbar

Uploaded Image: downClassSelection.pngSelect all descendant classes and methods of current selected class.
Uploaded Image: upClassSelection.pngSelect all ancestor classes and methods of current selected class.
Uploaded Image: expand.pngExpand hierarchy of current selected class.
Uploaded Image: newClass.pngShow a new template class definition in code area. See [UI8] UI8Browser (addingClasses)
Uploaded Image: findClasses.pngOpen a classic prompter asking for a desired class name.
Uploaded Image: classReferences.pngOpen a system references tool with current selected class.
Uploaded Image: deleteClasses.pngDelete the selected class.

Adding Classes

To create a new class just select any class in the class hierarchy list and click on Uploaded Image: newClass.png button. Once browser displays the class definition (as subclass of current selected class) in the contents pane you can edit/adapt that definition to your needs. Click Uploaded Image: accept.png button.

Uploaded Image: addingClass.png

Adding a method follows the same way. Just click on Uploaded Image: newMessage.png button. Edit a the method body (in chunk format) and click Uploaded Image: accept.png button.

Uploaded Image: addingMethod.png

Editing methods follows the same philosophy. Edit in chunk format and click Uploaded Image: accept.png button. On the other hand deleting a method is achieved selecting it and clicking in Uploaded Image: deleteMessages.png button.
Both class and message definitions in S8 are operated in chunk format. See next section for more info about this topic.

Simple vs Expert Mode

By default UI8Browser starts with expert mode. By clicking Uploaded Image: expertMode.png will switch to simple mode, no chunks and single selection.
Simple mode works as you expect in most of traditional browser.
In Expert mode you can select multiple classes/messages (with shift/ctrl+click) and browse code for multiple elements at once.
The code is shown in chunk format and you must use chunk convention to save/fileIn code and objects.

About chunk format

Related info about chunk format


UI8Browser inherits from [UI8] UI8SystemTool


UI8Browser can handle the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):



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