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[node8-android] QuickStart

First step (1min)

The very first step in Android application development with S8, is installing the "appS8" sample application to learn what you can do and/or modify to move your objects and frameworks to run on Android devices.
The application contain the basic development image, tools and frameworks for Android, and can save the image after changes, as working with other Smalltalk distributions.

Uploaded Image: idea.gifFollow this link to install "U8 Smalltalk Tools" from Google play.

The "U8 Smalltalk Tools" sample contain all U8 tools (browser, workspaces, references, remote conection, etc) 100% implemented in S8 Smalltalk, as usual. The image can be produced on desktop; embedded in the application and loaded at startup (or can be saved/loaded from the device at runtime).

Uploaded Image: alert.gifNote that the app has most of Android API mapped so it can take 2 (to 3) seconds to start.
Your final application do NOT need to embedd all this huge android API.
A normal application should load and start running in less than a second.

Connect from desktop to learn what/how is running (1.5min)

Once you installed and ran the sample application once, you are ready to connect to the application from a remote desktop computer running U8 tools in a browser.
  1. [node8-android] Starting system server
  2. (if you have not taken note of the IP address where system server is running in previous step) take note of the IP address of your device
  3. start the U8 tools in an internet browser
  4. connect to the device

Interact with others using S8 this way (0.5min)

You can download all the sources (yes! 100% is published under MIT license), and build your own derivative work for private use and/or bussiness.
But, wait, first and MORE important than browsing source code is joining the S8 group to meet people doing the same as you want to do with S8.
Smalltalk runs in the mind, not in computers. DoIt socially... a modern way of doing smalltalk