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[node8-android] QuickList

In construction...

A node8-android implementation for U8 QuickList tool, which is a very useful tool to manage your S8 expressions and have them on hand.
It emerges as a generalization of U8 Workspace List tool adding S8 apps and examples management.
In particular it's very useful when you want to evaluate on a remote S8 system, having all your S8 apps, exaples and workspaces in a single place.

QuickList in workspace mode:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-QuickList.jpg

QuickList in app mode:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-QuickList-AppList.jpg

QuickList in example mode:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-QuickList-ExampleList.jpg

You can see and check evaluation in QuickList:
Uploaded Image: node8-android-QuickList-evaluation.jpg

ToDo list and Nice to Have features