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[jx8-desktop] Index page

jx8-desktop is the development platform and tools, for writing native applications with S8 for desktop.


Project source files are available for download, from U8 service.
jx8-desktop-src.zipsource files to build core S8 image, including SystemServer and scripts to build an executable application package for windows/osx O.S.
jx8-win.zipExecutable application package for Windows
jx8-osx.zipExecutable application package for OSX

How to run?

  1. Download the executable for you platform, or build from source files
  2. The URL to access the SystemServer is shown in the console
  3. Open an internet navigator and connect the U8 tools to the server

Composition of the system

original source
jxcoreEvented IO for ChakraCore, SpiderMonkey & V8 JavaScript
Note: no changes has been applied to sources to run JX8 on desktop.
We run the jxcore result of building project intact.
The result of building the jxcore project is included in "bin" folder
S8 Build folderIt is a normal console build folder, including: SwikiCodeRobot, SystemServer, NodeJS, core S8 and "browse" folder for browsing the image with U8 tools (Web mode).
See also: console platform.
Node.js modulesWe include node-static and ws (websockets) node packages in our distribution because are required to implement the S8 server (using NodeJS framework).
All modules are unmodified versions as downloaded by npm.

How to build from sources

  1. Download and decompress source file
  2. Build the jx binary, e.g. for OSX, open a terminal, cd to jxcore folder and configure+install
    cd /Users/alejandroreimondo/Documents/jxcore
    git pull origin master
    ./configure --prefix=/jxcoreV8
    make install
  3. build the jx8 binary for your platform; e.g. for OSX
    cd ~/Documents/jx8-desktop/jx8
    ./bin/jx package default.snapshot.js --name "JX8" --slim "build,bin,*.sh,*.bat" --native --extract-app-root
    for windows? simple, try "_build.bat" in jx8 folder.
  4. copy the binary package (jx8.exe or jx8) to a folder where you want to run your jx8 server (see "How to run?" section of this page)