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[node8-android] How to join the node8-android tester group?

We opened a testing project for the node8-android platform (the platform to develop native Android applications with S8).
The group is open to participate for any person having at least an Android device

Join NOW

Visit this acceptance URL to participate: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.smalltalking.s8.jx8

Report (by email and/or skype) issues and your impressions about the tools.
You can also send your suggestions and NTH features (by email)

Need help? want to learn more?

Ask for a meeting if you want to learn more on using S8 to write native Android Apps.Uploaded Image: group.gif

Contact people

Contact Alejandro Reimondo or Felipe Zak for any comments, problems, questions or suggestions about node8-android and native App development for Android using S8.
Visit Home page -at end- for email/skype addresses.