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[U8] Getting started

U8 is the first social development platform for Smalltalk.
It is a web application to produce software based on Smalltalk technology for diferent target platforms.
U8 provides a medium to share, show and store Smalltalk images and/or file based modules.

Any U8 user has its own storage location (a profile folder) where all works or development pieces (called contribution) are hosted.
U8 is presented as traditional web site, plus a set of web service operations providing upload of images and/or modules.
This set of operations are fully available in the S8 Smalltalk system.

So U8 can be used as a kind of repository, a place to learn a modern Smalltalk (alone or with other developers) or a platform to share and show with other smalltalkers.
A contribution can be built in several platforms and modes.
Once you are logged-In and create new contribution, it starts as a DRAFT state.
This is usefull to U8 repository to know when a contribution must have a public visibility.
So changing state of a contribution - DRAFT, PUBLISHED, DEPRECATED - is only for visualization purpose, not for working on contribution itself.

[U8] How to work on your contribution?
Doing first steps in a file based mode with GUI widgets.
Development is based in a default image that can start loading pieces/modules dynamically from files.

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