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[coco8] Index page

About Coco8

Coco8 is the iOS native development platform and tools, packaged as an application.
It has a tab bar with U8 tools and interactive workspace, system browser, and references.
It is continuously under development (an open system); you can join the beta testers group!

The Coco8 Application has a customizable boot process and the contents of the entire system can be changed by the user (it is smalltalk!). We are always changing and enhancing the Coco8 application (default.image.js); any user can load/change/save their images and also send us changes to be integrated in the default image.

The Coco8 application run as a NATIVE iOS application, it run at the same level of any objetiveC framework, and can use/implement/refine any component at OS level.
100% of the contents of the object system is implemented in S8 (the objects link to native objectiveC components and implement/create ObjectiveC subclasses in S8 smalltalk).

[coco8] QuickStart page

Coco8 Application contents

Technical pages on Coco8 & iOS development with S8


Reference pages, Draft & working pages