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How can I connect U8 desktop tools to Android device objects?

Now you have appS8 installed on your Android device, and you may be thinking:
"It would be stupendous to be able to browse my objects running in my appS8 Android device, even more, inspect and evaluate expressions... from my desktop computer..."

Good news: it is possible with U8 toolset.
You can manipulate, evaluate and browse, your objects running in your Android device app from another S8 environment (e.g. U8 tools page runnning in a web browser).

All you have to do is to follow these steps:
  1. Login to U8 Smalltalking, then press Start Coding, U8 social platform environment will open in the web browser
  2. open a System Browser (tree) or a Workspace (block notes) from toolbar at the bottom of the web platform U8 social development workbench.
  3. ensure your desktop computer and your Android device are on the same (local) network. Then get Android device IP address in Android device configuration settings.
  4. to "connect" to appS8 running on your Android device just click on the plug placed at the bottom of the workspace or browser, and click on [+] Add new connection... to create a new connection
  5. enter Android device IP address you have got in step 3, and press accept to finish connectivity setup.

Uploaded Image: alert.gifDesktop tool window borders will change color, indicating the tool is ready to evaluate or browse, in your Android device.

You are now comfortably browsing and evaluating in your Android device app from your desktop!

NTH & feature requests

Note that we will be updating the application as part of our iterative process of production of open S8 system.
In case you need help of some features added/extended feel free to append your requests here: